“Global Product Manager”

I had a blast today speaking to a group of product managers about the role of a product manager when building global products. Great questions around culture differences, working across regions, and global needs. View the presentation here.

“Technical Product Manager” Product Tank

It was a great turn-out of over 25o digital professionals and an amazing discussion around core skills for being a technical product management. The crowd had some amazing questions after the talk. Also met some great future product managers! Thanks to product tank for hosting me at an amazing venue – Pivotal Labs. Here is some…

“Future of Product Management”

I had a great time being a part of the future of product management panel. More than 100 product managers and enthusiasts gathered to hear from a dozen experts about what the future of product management has in store. Read the summary of the event here.

“Keeping up with Technology” Podcast

I was recently featured in the This is Product Management podcast series discussing thoughts on why it’s imporamt for product managers to keep up with technology. Thanks to Mike Fishbein for hosting me.

“Rutger’s Lecture – It’s all Geek to Me!”

Check out my lecture at Rutgers University College of Engineering. The lecture talks about the journey of a technical engineering and learning the soft skills needed to survive wall street. Here is a link to the lecture:  It’s all Geek to Me Lecture