I am so thankful for a career that has spanned “Big” Fortune 100 companies as well as “Small” startups. The lessons I have learned on how to find the right balance when it comes to bringing together the speed and agility of the startup style of working with the relationships and scale of big company thinking has been eye-opening. I find some much excitement working with companies to help them excel and find the right working culture as they explore transformation.

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Cures of Colors Board Chairman
I serve as the chairman of the board for CuresofColors. It’s a non-profit organization that introduces coloring books with narratives to help put into perspective real-life concerns and social issues that occupy the minds of our children.
Her Product Lab Executive Board Member
I am an executive board member for the HerProductLab. It’s a global community and incubator for women build, design, and create products. 
Forbes Council Board Member
I am a board member for the Forbes Technology Council. It’s an exclusive invite-only board for technology executives focused on sharing strategies to digitally transform the industry. 
BWG Strategy Board Member
I am a board member for BWG Strategy. It’s an invite-only network for senior executives across technology, media and telecom. BWG leads a series of roundtables discussions, which are a valuable resource for market intelligence, business development and personal / professional networking.
inKindSpace Board Member
I am a board member for inKind Space. It’s a digital platform that provides instant access to information, resources, tips, and programs for every phase of the cancer journey. InKind Space offers the most integrated community of resources for cancer patients.


As an advisor I helped CrisisTextLine , a company focused on connecting people in crisis situations with volunteers all over text, with helping revamp their product management organization, lead a digital transformation, and guide the team to building a product strategy.
As an advisor for PickMe, the number one ride share and food delivery app in Sri Lanka, I helped the team develop a product strategy, product team culture development, as well as transformation of the product, technology, and business teams.