Solstice FWD – Talk

Today, I had the opportunity to talk about why the obsessing about the digital customer experience is critical when transforming your organization at the Solstice FWD Conference in Chicago.

“Chicago Creative Lab”

Who benefits when our Chicago-based advisors and the digital team come together? Our clients. Thank you Corey D. McQuade, CLU, Toby Eng, CLU, ChFC, CFP, Steven L. Braun and the entire Chicago team for hosting our creative workshop. hashtag#teamwork

“Emerging Technology Summit Chicago” Keynote

“To truly disrupt your organization, prioritize the team above the project and product. The rest will fall into place.” Thanks Technology Executives Club for letting us share Northwestern Mutual’s digital story at the Emerging Technology Summit in hashtag#Chicagoland. hashtag#leadership hashtag#digitaldisruption hashtag#emergingtechnologies

“Northwestern Mutual Chicagoland”

Technology will never replace the human experience, but it DOES enhance it. Very grateful for being the keynote speaker at the NM Conference and having the chance to share our digital future with our top Chicago area advisors. Thanks to Ryan Kramer and crew in #Chicagoland.      

“Forrester New Tech Forum”

Great time talking about startup and big companies coming together to disrupt the industries. Also discussing what challenges face us as we move forward to the next decade of new technologies. Click here for the recap of the event.

“Northwestern Mutual Central Regional”

It was a great honor being the  moderator for an amazing set of top Northwestern Mutual field leaders across the central region. Great questions, amazing information shared,  and many relationships build. The digital future looks so promising.