5 Ways to Avoid Analysis Paralysis and Make Bolder Moves

Companies turn to their leaders to make the big decisions – the judgement calls that can affect thousands of employees and customers. I’ll tell you from experience – it’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis. The fear of making the wrong move can be a massive weight on a leader or a team. When…

“Design Thinking” Google’s SprintCon San Francisco

“The Northwestern Mutual digital team is obsessed about client experience and so are our advisors. By bringing advisors and business partners into our design thinking process we are creating remarkable experiences together. It is amazing to see our advisors sketching concepts and prototypes alongside the team.” It was great sharing our story at Google’s #SprintCon18…

“Digital Download” Northwestern Mutual Tampa

“We have an exciting digital road ahead of us but let’s reflect back and be proud of how far we have come.” Thank you Angie Leonetti and Kevin O’Connell for having me share our digital story with your amazing group of Northwestern Mutual Tampa advisors. hashtag#tampa hashtag#walletstruggles hashtag#straighttalk

“Startup Idea Next Steps” FallExperiment

95% of products fail because the focus is on the solution, not the problem. At today’s #FallExperimentMKE, my talk and our panel with Roman Geyzer and Mike Fishbein talked about how to validate an idea before investing time and money. Thanks to the Northwestern Mutual and Alpha (alphahq.com) teams for an amazing day in Milwaukee….

“Don’t change the sales channel: Change the way you work”

It’s an advisor led business and always will be. So how do we make sure the advisor is at the center of it in today’s digital age? Read as the team shared today how they engage with our advisors to learn how they use digital in their practices. We focused on taking our B2B2C business…

“An Advisor’s Feedback Shocked Me and Changed the Way I Lead”

“I suggest you spend more time listening first if you want to be successful at this company.” I was only a few weeks into the new job when a top financial advisor was visiting my office. I was eager to meet him—so much so that I started our meeting by diving right into our plans…

“Business lessons you can learn from a youth soccer coach”

Today’s business leaders are working tirelessly to win in the “experience age.” Our customers and clients have ascended, rightfully, to the throne. And when you’re leading design of new digital products and platforms, you serve at the pleasure of the king and queen customer. Almost every business article I see underlines the importance of putting…

“Balancing tradeoffs to win with legacy products”

“While balance is important, product teams have to be sure that they’re continuously iterating and making forward progress.” This and many other topics discussed as I was a part of a panel alongside some great leaders on how to balance innovation while dealing with legacy products. Read more.

“World Product Day”

Today, I had the opportunity to present as the keynote speaker at World Product Day at CapOne Labs in New York. The event is organized by ProductTank and brings together leaders in the industry from across 43 countries for one day to discuss product advancements.