“EQ for Product Managers”

I had a great time discussing EQ with a group of rising product managers. The session was around the import role that emotional intelligence plays in product management. Here is a link to the session.

“Storytelling Tips for PMs” App Cues Article

Today, I was featured in a piece by App Cues about the tips and tricks for product managers to tell great stories. Here is a link to the article.

“Ask me Anything” Product School Series

Had a great time conducting an AMA Series hosted by ProductSchool. Ask me anything on Slack channel ranged from various topics in the product space. Here is a link to the live chat.

“Tell a Better Story With Your Product” App Cues Mention

I was recently quoted in a great article by Julia Chen over at on how to tell better stories as a product manager. It’s a great read. Here a link to the article:

“Northwestern Mutual Central Regional”

It was a great honor being the  moderator for an amazing set of top Northwestern Mutual field leaders across the central region. Great questions, amazing information shared,  and many relationships build. The digital future looks so promising.

“The Art of Building Relationships” Podcast

I had a great converasation  @kartvee  from Design Your Thinking discussing the important of building relationships as a product managers. Thanks for hosting me. Here is a link to the podcast:  

“Northwestern Mutual Eastern Regional”

I had a great time discussing our client digital strategy at the Northwestern Mutual Eastern Regional conference where all financial reps in the east coast attend to learn more about the firm’s strategy as well as honor top producing financial reps. The discussion was around our digital client presence and thanks to the amazing panel…

“Future of Work”

I had a great time moderating the future of work event with my co-host Nis and the great panelist. It was great talking about what organizations, product managers, and skill set will look like in the future.  

“Northwestern Mutual Tech Coaches Conference”

I had a great time co-presenting our digital strategy to the field technology coaches community in Milwaukee. It lead to some great conversations and feedback channels.