Forbes.com Article – To Make A Big Transformation, You Have to Start Small

Thank you Forbes for highlighting my piece of bringing together the speed of a startup culture with the values of a corporate culture. The blended culture has lead to remarkable experiences for our clients. To be big it’s important to start small! https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2019/11/07/to-make-a-big-transformation-you-have-to-start-small/#1b06ccae1277

Forbes.com – Designing A User Interface? Seven Elements To Remember

Shadow sessions help determine how users really use experiences, what they do not use, and even where their pain points are. Many times I have found shadow sessions show useful insights that even data cannot show. Thanks for mention Forbes Technology Council. hashtag#experienceshashtag#userdesign Read more about the article here.

Forbes.com – Eight Communication Techniques To Make Complicated Technology Look Simple

Thanks for the mention Forbes Technology Council and yes being a strong storyteller and good listener are key to communicate complexity! hashtag#technologyhashtag#communications Read more about the article here.

How to Deliver Remarkable Experiences for Every Generation

“Whether your clients swipe, type or print, all their voices should be heard to build meaningful products.” Thanks Argyle for this powerful piece and opportunity to share our story. http://bit.ly/2UV5hts

She has these 5 Traits? Hire Her on the Spot.

Great piece by Kimberly Zhang at Under30CEO. Very true, if she has these 5 traits you need to hire her ASAP! Thanks for the mention team. hashtag#productmanagerhashtag#emotionalintelligence  Read more about it here.

“The Awesome PM” Product Management Today Article

I am honored and excited  to be featured as the top trending article in Product Management Today. The article is around being an “awesome product manager”. Read the article here.

“The Feeling’s Mutual” Exec Series Article

It was so much fun for the team to be featured in a great piece discussing the coming together of cultures across LearnVest and Northwestern Mutual to build a truly unique blended culture. Here is a link to the article. The Feeling Is Mutual

“Top 40 Product Influencers of 2017” Award

I am humbled to be recognized alongside this amazing group of Top 40 Product Leaders of 2017. Here is a link to the article. Top 40 Product Leaders

“Storytelling” Gotham Voices Mention

Today I was mentioned by @NextViewVC in the #GothamVoices piece. Thanks for the call out. Appreciate it and love the amazing content your team puts together. Here is link to the article.