Startups Article – To Make A Big Transformation, You Have to Start Small

Thank you Forbes for highlighting my piece of bringing together the speed of a startup culture with the values of a corporate culture. The blended culture has lead to remarkable experiences for our clients. To be big it’s important to start small!

“Digital Product” Milwaukee Meet-Ups Panel

“Good product managers ship. Great product managers ship the right products.” Fantastic kickoff to the first-ever digital product management Milwaukee meetup at Northwestern Mutual’s Cream City Labs. Thanks to Thor Ernstsson and Larry Hitchcock for joining me as we build a product community in MKE. hashtag#productbrew hashtag#mketech hashtag#creamcitylabs hashtag#thisisproductmanagement To join our monthly events, learn…

“Future of Work”

I had a great time moderating the future of work event with my co-host Nis and the great panelist. It was great talking about what organizations, product managers, and skill set will look like in the future.  

“Lunch & Learn Series” Alpha UX

Today I had a great time with the engineering, product, sales, research and marketing teams over at Alpha . Thanks for having me and it was a great discussion on the key principals that make product managers amazing.

“Storytelling is Product Management”

I had a great time tonight sharing the art of storytelling and why it’s one of the most critical parts of product management. It was fun sharing “stories” and storyboarding with the team. Thanks to Brad Heringer for hosting me at the an amazing venue at the Grind.  Also here is a link to the presentation.

“Future of Product Management”

I had a great time being a part of the future of product management panel. More than 100 product managers and enthusiasts gathered to hear from a dozen experts about what the future of product management has in store. Read the summary of the event here.

“myswapp interview” NY Tech Day

I am extremely excited for my startup to be interviewed at NY Tech day.