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Solstice FWD – Talk

Today, I had the opportunity to talk about why the obsessing about the digital customer experience is critical when transforming your organization at the Solstice FWD Conference in Chicago. Article – To Make A Big Transformation, You Have to Start Small

Thank you Forbes for highlighting my piece of bringing together the speed of a startup culture with the values of a corporate culture. The blended culture has lead to remarkable experiences for our clients. To be big it’s important to start small!


Today, I joined an all-star team on a panel at Finovate on an exciting discussion around delivering the next generation in customized customer experience. I took part in a dynamic panel today with leaders across startups as well as big companies came together. We answered many questions that challenged what the future of the digital…

ProductCon NY 2019

Wow, what a turn-out of over 1500+ product professionals in NYC area for ProductCon 2019. It was remarkable meeting so many aspiring product oriented folks. The future of product in NYC looks so bright. Watch my talk here. – Designing A User Interface? Seven Elements To Remember

Shadow sessions help determine how users really use experiences, what they do not use, and even where their pain points are. Many times I have found shadow sessions show useful insights that even data cannot show. Thanks for mention Forbes Technology Council. hashtag#experienceshashtag#userdesign Read more about the article here. – Eight Communication Techniques To Make Complicated Technology Look Simple

Thanks for the mention Forbes Technology Council and yes being a strong storyteller and good listener are key to communicate complexity! hashtag#technologyhashtag#communications Read more about the article here.

Digital Wealth Keynote 2019

It was a pleasure discussing digital disruption at the Digital Wealth Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Before you can build disruptive digital client experiences, you must first disrupt the way you think and work.” Great engagement at Digital Wealth 2019. #DigitalWealthhashtag#customerfirsthashtag#northwesternmutual

Inside Outside Innovation Podcast – Digital Transformation

Thanks Brian Ardinger and You are doing remarkable work on your podcast series of highlighting stories within the digital community. Honored to be on the show to share my team at Northwestern Mutual’s story. #customerexperience #digitaltransformation  #podcasting Listen to the podcast here.

Keynote Talk at Argyle’s Customer Services Summit

“To build exceptional customer experiences, build with clients and not just for them.” Thanks to Argyle for allowing me to share how my team and I at Northwestern Mutual obsess about co-creating products with our clients and advisors.#ArgyleCXhashtag #customerexperience#cocreation # hashtag#cx