Northwestern Mutual

“Startup Idea Next Steps” FallExperiment

95% of products fail because the focus is on the solution, not the problem. At today’s #FallExperimentMKE, my talk and our panel with Roman Geyzer and Mike Fishbein talked about how to validate an idea before investing time and money. Thanks to the Northwestern Mutual and Alpha ( teams for an amazing day in Milwaukee….

“Northwestern Mutual Pacific Northwest Summit”

NM has went from under 100 digital releases, 2 years ago and this year going to break 4,000 releases. This and many more highlights around mobile, digital, and advisor experience was my topic of discussion to our advisors from five network offices across the Pacific Northwest. Spokane, Washington is a beautiful area with so many…

“An Advisor’s Feedback Shocked Me and Changed the Way I Lead”

“I suggest you spend more time listening first if you want to be successful at this company.” I was only a few weeks into the new job when a top financial advisor was visiting my office. I was eager to meet him—so much so that I started our meeting by diving right into our plans…

“Business lessons you can learn from a youth soccer coach”

Today’s business leaders are working tirelessly to win in the “experience age.” Our customers and clients have ascended, rightfully, to the throne. And when you’re leading design of new digital products and platforms, you serve at the pleasure of the king and queen customer. Almost every business article I see underlines the importance of putting…

“Northwestern Mutual Chicagoland”

Technology will never replace the human experience, but it DOES enhance it. Very grateful for being the keynote speaker at the NM Conference and having the chance to share our digital future with our top Chicago area advisors. Thanks to Ryan Kramer and crew in #Chicagoland.      

“The Feeling’s Mutual” Exec Series Article

It was so much fun for the team to be featured in a great piece discussing the coming together of cultures across LearnVest and Northwestern Mutual to build a truly unique blended culture. Here is a link to the article. The Feeling Is Mutual

“Bringing Product Cultures Together”

I wanted to send a big thanks to Product School for hosting me on a webcast to over 25,ooo digital professionals across the country and letting us share our stories of bringing cultures together.

“Northwestern Mutual Agile Conference”

I had a great time with other leaders across the company discussing the Agile approach, perfections, imperfections, and lessons learned as we transform the way we work to build life changing digital experiences for our clients.

“Fintech Evolution” Milwaukee Startup Week

It was an amazing experience being a part of startup week with fellow panelists across the Milwaukee area discussing the growth of startups and fin-tech in the Milwaukee area.